If You Were a Spice Girl, Which EV Would You Buy?

Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell ITV/Shutterstock

You remember them… the most popular pop group in the late 90’s – the Spice Girls! Back in high school, I remember turning up their music full blast while singing at the top of my lungs in my beat-up 1983 Toyota Celica. It was a formative time in my life when “girl power” was really important. All of my girlfriends identified with at least one of the five singers who each had their own larger-than-life personalities. I was really big into basketball, volleyball, track & field, and pretty much any competitive sport, so I identified with Sporty Spice. My BFF, Jessica, wore bright colored dresses to school, plus she was one of the youngest in our class, so she was known as Baby Spice. Another good friend, Ana, had bright red hair, a huge laugh, and a zesty personality, so she was Ginger Spice.

Now, all of us former Spice Girls have jobs and families and careers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive our teenage years while zipping around picking up the kids from school, grabbing groceries, or attending work events. And what better way to do all of these things than in an electric vehicle?? What is an electric vehicle (EV) you ask? The only difference is that it runs on electricity instead of (or in addition to) gas. You can plug it in at home or at hundreds of thousands of charging ‘stations’ around the US.

I thought it would be fun to pick the EV that most closely aligns with each of the Spice Girls and maybe have a few laughs along the way! 🙂

Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham): Victoria was best known for her chic and polished look. It is not surprising that she ended up in fashion after her singing career. Thanks to the paparazzi, it is easy to guess what EV Victoria would drive. Four out of her 25 cars are small, zippy Porsche’s, so I would say the Porsche Taycan is her most likely choice. Not only is this car amazingly fast and fashionable, it also comes in her signature color – black!

2020 Porsche Taycan Image Credit: Porsche

Scary Spice (aka Mel B or Melanie Brown): Known as the boldest member of the group who was a trendsetter. With a proclivity for large SUVs today, Mel B would most likely select the Tesla Model X. With the unique gull wing doors, roomy space, and stylish interior, this seems like a great match. 

Tesla Model X Image Credit: Tesla

Baby Spice (aka Emma Bunton): The youngest and girliest Spice Girl loved pastels and platform sneakers. Emma would probably choose the cute and adorable Mini Cooper SE Electric. The interior and exterior styling and bold color accents even reminds me of some of Emma’s prior outfits!

Mini Cooper SE Electric Image Credit: Mini Cooper

Sporty Spice (aka Mel C or Melanie Chisholm): Mel C typically wore tracksuits and athletic shoes with a high ponytail and had a tough-girl attitude. Today she drives a Lexus SUV, so most likely she would choose the Audi eTron, which has enough room for gal pals and sports equipment.

Audi eTron Image Credit: AUDI AG

Ginger Spice (aka Geri Halliwell): Geri was known for her liveliness, zest, and red hair. She often wore an iconic Union Jack dress and was thought of as the leader of the group due to her speaking skills. I think her favorite car would be the Ford Mustang Mach-E because of its iconic muscle car vibes in an updated crossover body, that has great performance, speed, and sexy interior and exterior. 

Ford Mustang Mach-E Image Credit: Ford

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