Why EVs?

Taking Off Our Veil of Energy Ignorance

The Colonial Pipeline cybersecurity breach in May 2021 exposed the naked underbelly of our dependence on a single transportation fuel. Electric vehicles offer a better option for an uncertain future.

Women in EVs: Why Electric Works for Erika’s Family

In the second segment of ‘Women in EVs’, Erika G. describes how EVs have worked out for her family and shares her experience with two popular models – the Tesla X and the Mustang Mach-E.

Women in EVs: Why Amanda Loves Driving Electric

Buying an EV doesn’t have to be risky with new innovative EV subscription models. Amanda shares her impressions of four popular EV models and what it like to make the switch from gas to electric.

Are Long Road Trips Possible with my All-Electric Vehicle?

While we mostly drive less than 40 miles a day, we buy a car based on all of our needs, like the far-too-infrequent beach trip with our girlfriends. Long EV trips are easier than ever with new technology and easy-to-use route planning apps!


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