Women in EVs: Why Amanda Loves Driving Electric

Amanda with her favorite EV, the Kia Niro, on a long road trip.

Many women know about electric vehicles (EV), but don’t have experience driving or owning one. Amanda was interested in the technology, but wasn’t ready to commit until she found out about a special program to drive an EV for an extended period of time through a new EV subscription service, known as Motor. The service reduced her risk of going electric and allowed her to access a wide selection of EV options. 

So far, Amanda’s two favorite EV features include the convenience of charging at home and the reliability of the vehicle due to fewer moving parts. Motor also provides additional concierge services so she isn’t as worried about being stranded in bad weather or at night, which provides her with added peace of mind. 

Shortly after starting her EV subscription service, Amanda drove one of Motor’s Tesla’s from Indiana to Florida, and was able to experience what it was really like to own the car. According to Amanda, traveling with an EV, “has its moments… you really have to like the people you are traveling with because you’ll be in the car with them a lot longer than you would normally with a regular car that uses gas.” In the last year she has been to Florida three times with different EV models and has figured out how to easily charge along the way. She noted that, “you really don’t know a car until you take a road trip with it.”

She is a big advocate for having a car for more than a day or a test drive to see how it can fit into your life, which is why the month-to-month subscription service Motor provides is appealing. She has been using Motor for over a year now and has tried out four different EV models along the way. Here are her opinions on Tesla, Audi, Nissan, and Kia EV models: 

  • Tesla Model 3: She liked Tesla’s dog mode, which keeps the car climate-controlled while pets are inside, but found that it overly depleted the vehicle range. She also liked the programmable driver profile settings, which worked well for her and her husband. However, she thought the Tesla had really loud road noise on the interstate, did not provide accurate driving range forecasts, and had an overly complex touch pad (which controls all the systems in the car).
  • Audi e-Tron: Amanda thought the Audi had too much tech, which was overwhelming for her. It has two different screens, the seats were difficult to figure out, and the center console was “funky shaped”.
  • Nissan LEAF: The car was very quiet to drive, but her tall family didn’t really fit in it. 
  • Kia Niro: By far her favorite EV to date, this car wasn’t overwhelming or difficult to figure out. While it didn’t have some of the features she liked about the Tesla, it did have Apple Carplay and the driving range estimate was more accurate than other models. She continues to drive this vehicle and loves it.

When asked if she would ever buy an EV or go back to gas, she said, “I would always get an electric and… my next car purchase will be an EV, but until then I will keep the Kia [subscription].” 

When asked how an EV has fit into her life, she says there are a lot of things she doesn’t need to worry about anymore, like going to the gas station or dealing with oil leaks. She has grown accustomed to regularly charging the EV, and there aren’t any major or inconvenient things to worry about. The EV looks, feels, and drives like a normal car.

She suggests that everyone consider an EV because, “it isn’t a big adjustment, it is a tiny one, because everything else works the same. Instead of worrying about gas, you just say, “do I need to charge my car?” She highly recommends electric to any woman.

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